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Functionality of Advanced Thermal Optics

The award-winning and patented coatmaster technology was developed in cooperation with leading companies in the coating industry. Over the last 10 years, the technology has become the international industry standard in the production of high-quality surfaces.

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coatmaster technology is based on Advanced Thermal Optics (ATO). In this method, the layer to be measured is heated in a pulsed manner by a computer-controlled light source.



A high-speed infrared detector in the ATO optics records the resulting surface temperature profile from a distance.



The surface temperature diminishes with a characteristic dynamic which depends on the layer thickness and the thermal properties of the coating.



The specially developed algorithms analyze the dynamic temperature profile on the surface and determine the layer thickness and other properties quantitatively and reproducibly.

Non-contact layer thickness measurement between 1 – 1000µm

High repeatability

High tilt and distance tolerance

Control of the coatmaster

Control of the coatmasteris simple and intuitive. Graphical icons in the user interface help you to do this. In this way, measurement results can be displayed at any time on the plant control screen, but also on a PC, tablet or smartphone. The language selection is easily done via the menu and is available in German, English and French.

Flexible remote control

The coatmaster provides precise information about the coating quality. Wherever it is needed. No matter whether on the coating machine monitor or on your smartphone. In this way, systems can be optimally adjusted, monitored and, if necessary, corrected. Due to our new tag you only have to read in the URL address and can connect to the coatmaster immediately.

Single point marking

The coatmaster's LED positioning system offers a single point marking with a diameter between 1 and 50 mm. In this way, the measuring point can be precisely positioned even on the smallest objects, curves or complex shaped parts. From this, the coatmaster calculates the average value of the measured range and displays it as a measurement result.

Thermal signature recognition

Each coating has a characteristic thermal signature. If this differs from the one set during calibration, the coatmaster immediately displays this as a warning on the graphical user interface.

Uniform data format

Existing measurement data from different measuring systems can be easily combined with the coatmaster. This means that uniform data storage, evaluation and comparison of the denture results is possible without any problems. The Q-DAS format is a new, standardized exchange format for exporting from coatmaster software.

From coatmaster practice

From coatmaster practice

Create a new application coatmaster

You will learn how to create a new application with coatmaster and then check the accuracy of your application.

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