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coatmaster AG
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CH-8404 Winterthur
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The coatmaster products

Advanced Thermal Optics by coatmaster

The coatmaster technology (ATO) allows the thickness of the coating to be measured immediately after application. The technology operates contactless and non-destructive without dangerous emissions and is suitable for coating metal, paper, rubber, ceramics, glass, plastic and wood surfaces.

Fast measurement of coating thickness distribution over whole components.


  • Decrease setup time for your process.
  • Save material.
  • Document continuously.
«Fast and reproducible measurement even on critical parts with narrow surfaces»
Dr. Klaus Rehm, Deputy Head of Competence Division Integrated Planning and Production, BFH

Technical data

Powder coatings before curing 

1 – 2000 µm

Measurement time 


Measurement area 

frei skalierbar

Pixels per measurement 

382 x 288

Distance tolerance1

10 – 120 cm

Tilt Tolerance1

 ± 70°

Relative standard deviation2

< 2%

Measurement on moving parts


Functions on all colors (including white)


Automated data export  


1 Depending on coating and substrate material 
2 60 μm powder coating before curing (all colors incl. white) on aluminium, 5 cm working distance

coatmaster 3D


Fast measurement of
coating thickness distribution on whole components.

  • Scalable measurement area
  • Even for geometrically complex parts
  • Low integration costs

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