Optimum coatings with coatmaster - worldwide

The coatmaster is used at more than 100 locations for the early monitoring of layer thickness. The coatmaster is also the heart of a steadily growing number of autonomous and highly efficient coating systems. The precision achieved with the coatmaster increases the quality of produced goods, saves coating material and avoids rejects. At the same time, layer thicknesses are continuously recorded.

That's what our customers say about the coatmaster...

The coatmaster automatically checks the wet paint layer thickness on our airbag caps around the clock. Any deviations that occur are detected immediately and can be adjusted immediately. The continuous process documentation proves our high-quality standards as one of the world's leading suppliers of airbag systems.

Bernd Kunkel, Manager Process Engineering Plastics at Takata AG.

With coatmaster, we can measure the coating thickness of our zinc lamella systems in wet conditions and thus save a lot of time. The high accuracy and fast repetition rate make it an indispensable tool for commissioning and monitoring coating processes.

Christian Rabe, Head of Applied Technology, Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG.

The coatmaster provides us with quantitative and immediate feedback on investment decisions. In this way, we can selectively and safely reduce layer thicknesses to the lower tolerance threshold. Last year, thanks to the coatmaster, we reduced our powder consumption by a total of 28%, thus clearly exceeding our expectations.

Kai Altenburg, Head of Surface Technology, Ernst Schweizer Metallbau.

Miralu produces pre-coated aluminium for trade and industry. Our customers are highly demanding, because our products have high visibility and in some cases are subject to severe deformation. Inline coating thickness measurement with coatmaster enables us to deliver the highest quality. Thanks to coating thickness measurement, we can meet the coating specifications from the very first meters.

Mathias Stouff, Head of Industrialization, Miralu.

At AAM Lyon we use coatmaster to ensure the traceability of our products. Inline film thickness measurement is integrated in a closed loop, which corrects process deviations immediately. This is part of the ongoing development to adapt our production to industry standards 4.0.

Jean-Philippe Caillot, Industrialization Manager, AAM.

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