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coatmaster AG
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Whether motor vehicles, consumer electronics, implants, artificial diamonds, furniture or pipelines, every industrially manufactured product carries a coating. Until now, the associated coating processes have been uncontrolled.

However, the coatmaster from Winterthur now enables comprehensive process monitoring. It determines coating thicknesses without contact. It offers closed-loop control of the coating process and thus provides the missing component for a fully automated coating system. With coatmaster, Winterthur has developed the process integrated coating thickness measurement for industrial maturity, which allows massive material savings and quality improvements. This patented and unique technology is already a central component of many production processes in leading industrial companies.

coatmaster is compatible with all types of coatings and substrates, resulting in a wide range of application possibilities. The suppliers of the automotive industry (wheels, airbags, pistons etc.) are currently the largest user group of the coatmaster. Our measuring systems can be used to determine coating thicknesses, material parameters (e. g. porosity) and contact quality (e. g. to detect delamination). The system is based on optical-thermal measurements.

coatmaster Detail

With non-contact measurement, the coating thickness can be determined at an early stage of the process without incurring further costs for integration. This process is the perfect solution for the most important industrial and non-industrial applications and brings the following advantages:

  • Reduction in the use of materials (typically 30%)
  • 100% quality control and optimization
  • Increase in production speed
  • Reduction of production costs

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